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Thank you for visiting DSP Inc.
We are DSP, a company that advances with
the best secondary cell facility technology in the world.
Be of good quality live in hope
"We requite the customers with the best TOTAL SOLUTION in cell facility field." We are a company which performs the best technology service with respect to the customers And we are raising as the world TOP in the secondary cell facility technology field.
In the changing industrial environment, to become a basis of future energy development we focus all capacity to secondary cell facility to develop new technology and high-performance facility, as a leading player in developing the world's first 200PPM, 300PPM facility, based on our prominent capability we are growing with a pride that we are the best in the world in secondary cell facility field.
High performance facility which is upgraded and approved by Samsung SDI, LG chemicals is manufactured and installed in domestic, overseas plants, and overseas buyers of secondary cell field are highly interested, and we are processing negotiation for facility introduction.
To pay you back with prominent competitiveness in quality, all executives and staff members will do our best as a harmonious whole. DSP always considers customer satisfaction the best, and we respect our customers from facility quality to price, service, and other factors. We will gain your trust by continuous technology development and the best quality to become your developing partner, and we will do our best to be responsible for our customers to the end.
Thank you.
Company vision
The best secondary cell facility company with different technology and solution which gives customer satisfaction
In quality and performance required by the customer, with the best facility in the world We provide the technology to make the products of our customer the best, and suitable technology for the customer's development.
We grasp customer problems and integrate technology, service and knowledge to match the customer requirements and provide optimized solution and solve the customer problems to satisfy the customers.
By providing the best technology, We help the development and success of our customers, And we grow, develop together with our customers.
Company approved and trusted by the customers
Company with technology that customers wait for
Company that customers and competitors respect.