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Recruiting Method
It goes through open recruitment consisting of document screening and interview, and only the final successful candidates will be informed individually.
Recruiting Period
* Year-round recruitment: In order to meet our demand for manpower flexibly, we are receiving resumes all throughout the year. Currently and in the future, whenever we need staffing, we will contact the applicants who have the most suitable qualifications. * On-demand recruitment: It goes along frequently through the year whenever manpower is required according to the properties of respective section.
How To Apply
Download a job application form: fill out the form and send it through email (
Qualification For Application
Anybody who served in, or was exempt from the military, and doesn’t have any disqualification from overseas trips, can apply. The conditions of eligibility in regard of gender, age, and education vary depending on the job.
Recruitment Size
Recruitment size may vary depending on the business plan and T/O.
Recruitment Procedures